Wednesday, May 23, 2007

google finance

One of the websites that I would recommend for anyone who enjoys following stocks is Google's finance site at, which is still in the 'beta' stage, so new upgrades are apparent every few weeks. I have been along for the ride probably for about a year or more, so I have seen many changes, most of which have been pretty neat. I guess I still think of the site as a bit of a hidden gem because it gets overshadowed by yahoo, msn, and globeinvestor.

Some of the features I like most about Google Finance are:

  • Stock charts in Flash are quick, interactive, and great for looking at comparisons between companies and time frames. They also mark dividend payments right on the chart which I really like for quickly looking at dividend growth or dividend history without much digging. Volume seems to be very obvious when compared with other sources as well.
  • Relevant news stories are sorted chronologically for your stocks, as well as general stories; also company events, and a link to investor relations are right there on the company page which has very much a 'one stop shop' approach to everything.
  • A 'Historical Prices' link can quickly show you volume and prices on any trading day.
  • The field where you type your symbol or company name and it automatically fills in is extremely quick and handy.

Recent additions include video, the ability to create a portfolio, top movers, market cap, popularity, and many more.

Some areas that Google needs to work on, (and I'm sure they are) are more on the financial and fundamental end. The site is certainly not my first choice for analyzing a company's key ratios, or financials.

Just like several other products from Google, 'Finance' is quick, very user friendly, and intuitive. I look forward to seeing more upgrades and changes as time goes on. I am expecting big things, as some of Google's other sites like 'Maps' and 'Earth' are nothing short of amazing. I would encourage anyone who has not checked this site out to go on and run a few charts and compare a few companies. You never know, you might get hooked like me.

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It's a great idea to promote your blog over at Canadian Business forum. Hope you don't mind. I'll try to do the same in a different forum.

Mr. Cheap said...

Thanks for posting this! I had thought their site didn't have any dividend info, but it was just because I was zoomed in to the 3-day view.