Monday, May 14, 2007

my weird money saving attributes

In order to save a good proportion of your income, I believe you must possess some traits that others may consider 'weird', 'different', or even 'cheap'. Following the crowd will never leave you wealthy. Here is a list of some of our quirks that certainly help us (my wife and I) save a significant portion of our take home income (I'll elaborate on how large that portion is on a later post) :

  • We don't own cell phones
  • We eat food that can be found in our refrigerator for lunch
  • We shop for groceries at discount stores (ie Price Chopper, Costco, Wal-Mart)
  • I only buy beer, and wine when I feel like it
  • We only have one bank account
  • We will only use an ATM at our own bank
  • I drive a fuel efficient car, and my wife drives a more fuel efficient car
  • We only get gas from a certain brand of station (PCA) where I save $0.02 / L off the top
  • My favourite shopping experience occurs at Costco
  • I try to view most purchases as investments
  • I always barter for large purchases
  • I genuinely get a kick out of saving, and investing
  • I married someone who is probably more frugal than I am
  • We bought a house for significantly less money than we were pre-approved for
  • We keep our house at 64 - 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter
  • Shopping is not usually our first choice for a recreational activity
  • We set financial goals and track our monthly performance
  • We discuss our finances frequently make plans going forward

6 comments: said...

Overall you're more frugal and us. A little bit about us (sorry to steal your thunder)

* We own cell phones, but no lan line.
* We eat out too often :(
* Never learned to drink beer.
* We both walk to work.
* We're lousy negotiators, but not bad at negotiating with the stock market.

FinancialJungle said...

BTW, I added Money Gardener to my blogroll. Keep up the good posts!

Canadian Dream said...


My goodness I see I lot of myself in your list.

The only differences I keep more than one bank account and we have a cell phone the wife won in a contest which costs $10/month.

Best of luck with the blog,

moneygardener (AKA investor99) said...

Thanks for the comments, and the kind words.

telly said...

Wow...pretty impressive!
My husband and I follow a few of those guidelines as well, except the cell phone thing (though driving through Detroit to and from work with over 200,000 km on my Escort makes it a bit of a necessity for me :)).

We also bought a home WAY under what we would have been approved for (mortgage & taxes are 7.5% of our monthly income). This makes a huge difference on how much we can save.

I am probably one of the very few women that absolutely depises shopping of any kind. I always remind my husband how lucky he is. ;)

One area I was especially impressed by is the negotiating thing...neither of us is very good at that. Good for you!

BTW, great blog...keep it up!

moneygardener (AKA investor99) said...


Thanks for the kind words.

Our mortgage and taxes account for around 19% of our monthly income.

7.% is great!