Saturday, May 5, 2007

net worth introduction

Similarly to many other bloggers and financial nerds out there, I track and plot my net worth on a regular basis. By 'net worth' I am referring to all of our assets minus all of our liabilities.

Items I do include:
All registered and non registered investments
All real estate, including principle residence
Loans including mortgage's
Cash on hand

Items I don't include:
Assets with a value of less than $5,000

I update the values every second month on the 15th of the month. I have only been doing so since May of 2006.

I'll introduce these posts by recording the following item:

May, 2006 - Debt/Equity ratio (all debts divided by all assets) = 0.77

This is probably the number one value that I strive to move on a regular basis. The lower it goes the better, and the quicker I can move it down the better.

I will be back to this topic on or after May 15, 2007 to update my Debt/Equity for the annual period 2006-2007, and provide growth rates for all my assets and liabilities


the money diva said...

Very interesting. This is not a number that I have looked at before, and I just calculated mine at 30%.

I wonder if lower is always desirable? It's certainly safer, but if you have no debt then you have no leverage.


moneygardener (AKA investor99) said...

I guess right now for me it's just a measure of how fast my assets are growing as I plan to continue to pay down debt at the exact same rate for at least the next 5 years. Assuming I take on no new debts and interest rates stay relatively low, then this is really just a measure of asset growth. I certainly won't get to zero anytime in the next 15 years.

Whether or not it is 'always' desirable is a matter of debate. Personally right now I'd like to get mine down below 0.5 and then re-evaluate my leverage situation.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, I thought I was bad at 0.43, and I'm 27.

Just one minor nit: what you described is the debt to asset ratio, not the debt to equity ratio.

Anonymous said...

p.s. just thought I'd say hi, i'm the guy on who pimps Shoppers Drug Mart. It (and WAG) actually look pretty good these days, both being stocks that haven't gone anywhere with the latest rally.

If you're looking for a tech pick with a good dividend....check out TSM :)

moneygardener (AKA investor99) said...

pitz...I presume.

Good point on the name of the metric. It really is Debt/Asset.

So you are from the 'lower is better camp' then.

It's all relative I guess. If I sold my house and rented, my ratio would be around 0.10.