Monday, October 15, 2007

~ 6 months of gardening

the moneygardener was born back in late April of 2007. Here is my first post below:

Well..., as a way to express and share my thoughts with others on investing, stocks, personal finance, the market in general, and other financial matters that life throws at us all. I've found myself following a few blogs on this topic lately, and in the process I've realized that it might not be a bad way to communicate with others, while organizing my thoughts and tracking my progress at the same time.We'll see how this goes.....

Well it's been almost six months and I have to say the moneygardener has been a rewarding endeavour so far. Just as I thought above, when I started out, the blog has been a great way to share thoughts with others and document progress in my investing and personal finance matters. I have really enjoyed all of the great feedback that I have received from readers and I thank you all for it. Special thanks to very regular commenters including:Middle Class Millionaire, Four Pillars, nurseb911, Augustabound, Mr.Cheap, Jungleguy, telly, torbjorn, and thicken my wallet. I'm sure that I have forgot someone, but I do appreciate all of you.

I know that there are some readers out there who follow the blog, but have yet to comment. I appreciate all readers and encourage everyone to participate. There are no stupid questions or stupid comments here in the 'garden'.... Whether it is commenting on a post, emailing me about something different, requesting that I post on a topic, or disagreeing with my views; I welcome all feedback from all readers.

I have certainly saved and spent a lot of money in the last six months. I am hoping that I spent most of it on the right stuff that will pay me back and/or grow in value nicely in future months and years. My net worth updates will continue bi-monthly on or around the 15th of the month, and soon I may start to actually post the dollar values. I am hoping that through this blog; the more I share, the more, both the readers and I, will learn from each other.

Thanks for following the moneygardener, and I look forward to continuing to dig, plant, and prune in the backyard of the stock market and personal finance with you!


FourPillars said...

It's always great to visit the "Dividend Garden".

Congrats on the six months - keep up the great work!


telly said...

Congrats! Your posts are always an enjoyable read!

And btw, I like $ values so I say go for it!

Susan said...

MG-thanks for your contributions here and elsewhere. I get bogged down with my nose in the numbers and you often help me see the "big picture". Much appreciated.

vishnu said...

I am a new player in the financial world starting in my 30's.I really like your list of cheap shares.I am looking forward to enjoy your thoughts and reading your Blog.Keep up your good work.