Saturday, October 27, 2007

registered portfolio update

Thus far, the moneygardener has not included much information about my registered investment portfolio. Like many other Canadians, I participate in a defined contribution pension plan through my employer.

The Plan
Here are the details of the program:

Employer contributes 2% of my annual base salary to the plan. Employer then matches my contributions to the plan, up to 4% of my annual base salary.

For example:
If I contribute 5% of my salary out of my own pocket, my employer contributes 2% (automatically), and a further 4% to match my contributions. This means the total amount contributed to my RRSP would be 11% of my annual salary.

The Portfolio
My basic strategy for my RRSP portfolio right now while I am relatively young is to aim for high growth, keep it simple, and minimize fees.

Here is how the portfolio breaks down:
PH&N Canadian Equity Segregated Fund = 34%
BGI U.S. Equity Index Segregated Fund = 41%
Templeton International Stock Segregated Fund = 25%

The MERs for these funds are 0.29%, 0.22%, and 1.12% respectively. Currently I am contributing 1/3 of incoming capital to each of these three funds.
Here is the actual breakdown of exposure within the portfolio.

Some of the largest individual stock weightings within this portfolio currently are:
Exxon Mobil
General Electric
Manulife Financial
Suncor Energy
Vodafone Group


FourPillars said...

That's a pretty good plan.

I can't believe how low your mers are - are you sure they correct?


MG said...

yes,, they are correct.

telly said...

I agree, those are some pretty good options with rather low fees. I imagine that all your registered investments are made through your employers program then?

MG said...


telly said...

One more question;

Do you max out your RRSPs?

MG said...

telly, no I do not.