Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Manulife's latest raise

Global life insurance and financial service company Manulife Financial (MFC) has increased their dividend from $0.22 / share to $0.24 per share. This represents a 9% increase. Manulife has been increasing the dividend twice per year since 2004.

Here is their dividend history since 2000:
2000 = $0.21
2001 = $0.25
2002 = $0.32
2003 = $0.41
2004 = $0.50
2005 = $0.63
2006 = $0.75
2007 = $0.92 (estimated)

This represents a compound annual growth rate of the dividend of more than 23%. This is a pretty impressive annual raise.

A share of Manulife (MFC) bought in 2001 would now be yielding 4.6% on the original purchase price. As mentioned this stat is neat, but is meaningless for looking at the current company, future prospects and trends. Manulife (MFC) is now yielding around 2.3%.

This change will slightly increase my 'Annual Income from Investments' figure that I maintain on a regular basis. Always the best metric to update because usually the change is more permanent in nature than any other portfolio value tracking.


Nurse B, 911 said...

And continues to trade only 2.5% above where I bought it back in May. If it wasn't already my largest holding I'd still be buying in the low 40's (as of yesterday)

MG said...

It is a 'buy' in my mind anytime it gets near $40, but I am locked into a DRIP so I can't exactly time my purchases on it.