Thursday, November 15, 2007

net worth update november, 2007

Results for the 60 days ended November 15, 2007.
  • Debt/Asset ratio moved down from 0.57 to 0.55
  • Net worth moved up 4.9% to
  • Total Assets increased 0.7%
  • Total Liabilities decreased 2.4%
  • House Value / Total Assets moved down from 74% in September to 73.5%
  • Non-registered portfolio grew 5.6%

Good progress over the past 2 months, especially on the debt reduction side (a 2.4% decrease). This was because we employed some line of credit funds in August and September. Net worth moved up by the lowest percentage since I began tracking it in May of 2006. Our net worth growth will slow considerably over the next year as my wife takes a year long maternity leave. It will be interesting to track fluctuations that are more dependant on the market's influence on our assets, rather than on savings in 2008.

Year over Year Results (compared with November, 2006)

  • Net Worth moved up 78.6%
  • Assets were up about 20%
  • Liabilities were down about 5%
  • Debt/Asset moved down from 0.70 to 0.55

This large net worth increase is a symptom of starting from a low base. The asset growth of 20% is encouraging, but will be very hard to maintain. In one year we've come pretty far on the debt/asset side, from being 70% leveraged to 55% leveraged.

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vishnu said...

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FourPillars said...

Great progress - You're right that the percentages are a bit misleading and will go down.

I think it's the direction you are going in and especially the effort that counts.


telly said...

At your age it makes sense that the percentages are so large due to contributions.

Great job so far!

MG said...


to reduce that cost, switch brokers. Try Interactive Brokers or Questrade. If you end up going with Questrade use 'MG' as your referer code.

4P, Thanks.

telly, thank you.

hank said...

I came across your blog after reading brip blaps post about the net worth being meaningless... I like your format, and i think I might need to cut mine back a month or maybe per quarter... I'm interested to see your post back in response to brip blaps... I'm a fan of net worth also... :)