Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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FourPillars said...

Hi MG - what do you think about CIBC? Is now a good time to "buy on a dip"? or are they just too risky?


MG said...

Hi Mike, I actually haven't been following the CIBC saga. The stock is not on my watchlist, mainly because I believe there are better Canadian banks out there, and I find that CIBC is accident prone and has little corporate direction.

Anonymous said...

I agree with mg about CIBC, that it is accident prone and there are better Canadian Banks out there.

Having said that, I have CIBC on my radar not as a long term holding but for my play money. Just imagine if you had invested in CIBC after the ENRON scandal when the market punished this good (not great) bank.

I am waiting for more right offs and punishment by the market in the new year.