Wednesday, December 12, 2007

random portfolio stats # 1 - 12/07

As previously mentioned I am a bit of a numbers guy. I actually found out today that I am predominantly a 'FIERY RED' personality type (competitive, decisive, strong-willed, demanding and task/goal focused), so apparently my motto should be "Be Brief, Be Bright, and Be Gone". The second largest component of my personality though, is the 'COOL BLUE' type, so I also have a lot of interest in facts, figures, logic, and everything analytical. Someone who is this 'COOL BLUE' personality will have the motto "Give Me Details". Being partly the details guy, I'd like to share some random stats that I track for my non-registered portfolio. The holdings inside this portfolio are listed down the right panel of the screen.

  • Cash Weighting = 2%
  • Canadian Equity Weighting = 63%
  • Financial Services Weighting = 32%
  • Cash Savings Per Month (last 20 months avg.) = $1,481
  • Percentage of Money in a Dividend Reinvestment Plan = 19%
  • One Year Dividend Growth Rate to Date = 507% (new contr. included)
  • Portfolio Yield = 4.1%
  • Portfolio Yield on Cost = 4.0%
  • Dividends Per Day = $3.78

I'll try to update these figures randomly and periodically as a type of information update on my some facets of my portfolio. I welcome any new ideas for interesting stats to track for a stock portfolio.


4Life said...

Interesting! I have 2 sectors where I am over weighted Financial @ 25.3% and Real Estate @ 36.7%. It is hard to bring these down because that is where the value is at this time. Thanks for sharing your stats.

Best Wishes,

Middle Class Millionaire said...

Wow. Your dividend growth rate is huge.

As a side notw: I'm also a red and cool blue.

------------t h rive------------ said...

I’ve been wondering what % of your RSP account is dividend yielding.

For a 30+ year holding, would you see the RSP tax advantage as good for a dividend portfolio? I'm trying to get a range of ideas before next March…

Keep up the good work!

Sami said...

do you an asset allocation strategy or do you invest in what you see as attractive opportunity?

telly said...

I always enjoy your stats. They get me thinking (and calculating!). Thanks for sharing.

Oddly enough, our avergae dividends per day is exactly the same as yours. Weird!