Friday, January 25, 2008

10 secrets for my subscribers

the moneygardener has reached 100 subscribers!

Subscribers are people who are subscribed to my blog through some sort of syndicated reader which makes it more convenient to read multiple blogs regularly. Thanks to all that have subscribed to this blog feed, and in honour of the 100 of are the top 10 secrets I hold true about my investing and personal finance style that may seem counter intuitive, and that you'll rarely hear in the mainstream media. That's one secret for each 10 subscribers!
  1. The Canadian Economy does not like me.
  2. I am praying for a stock market Crash.
  3. When investing I like Brands, when shopping I like Private Labels.
  4. I'd rather take risks to aim for a Higher Return long term, than get a guaranteed risk-free return now.
  5. My ideal holding period for my investments is Forever.
  6. Dividend Increases make my day.
  7. I hope stocks Underperform in the short to mid term.
  8. I like Boring Stocks, operating in really boring industries with relatively predictable cash flow.
  9. I'm happier if my dividends go up and my stocks stay flat, rather than if my dividends stay flat and my stocks go up.
  10. I'd like to Benefit from Older People before I become one.


Dividends4Life said...

MG: Congratulations on the 100.

#6. "Dividend Increases make my day" was one I could certainly relate to. I have all the companies that I own expected dividend increase dates noted. It is definitely exciting when it finally happens.

Best Wishes,

MG said...

D4L, Thanks. I don't note them, but it always comes as a nice surprise.

Susan said...

Yes, congrats. (When are you finding time to blog??!)

I agree with everything on your list (and I'm already retired). There's one more thing I would add: with my stocks that are dripped, I get to buy "cheap" shares in a market downturn, so I REALLY like it when the market falls.

Also, I have to say that I am really benefiting from the energy, perseverance and creativity of younger people when it comes to investing (such as yourself). Keep up the fine work!

FinancialJungle said...

You're great at coming up with lists of investment philosophies or "secrets". I, too, rather see dividend increases than rocketing share prices. e.g. Wish REITs and Fortis can come down further so I can top up my positions.

Four Pillars said...

Congrats on the 100!

I agree dividend increases are fun.


----t h rive---- said...

I was wondering why you keep so many dividend paying co's in your non-registered portfolio? Would it not be beneficial in the long-term to shelter them?

Really curious, as I assume you have a larger reason.

MG said...

thrive, From a tax standpoint it probably would. My larger reason is that I want access to the money before I retire. Canadian dividend tax treatment is pretty good anyway though, as you know.