Saturday, January 26, 2008

goal # 1 progress report

In a post back in November, 2007 I disclosed # 1 of our 4 goals for our non-registered portfolio.
Goal # 1 is : Save an average of $1,000 / month, to be added to this portfolio.

I thought I'd provide an update on our progress towards this goal since we are now a solid 2 months into my wife's year long maternity leave, which caused our employment income to decrease dramatically. Here are the results so far:
--------- December, 2007 savings = $1,351 -----------------
----------- January, 2008 savings = $1,518 -----------------

This is obviously a great result as these two months combined provide a buffer where we could save $130 for one month and still meet our goal. I am seeing some clouds on the horizon though, as we need to purchase a new set of tires for our car next month which will eat up a good chunk of potential savings. I will post soon with an updated Household Savings Rate (HSR), based on our new income and recent savings levels.

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