Thursday, April 3, 2008

purchases to date

So far this year I have made 6 equity trades in my non-registered portfolio. Below are the details of the trades (all buys) I have made in 2008.
  • Jan.7 Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) at $47.39
  • Jan.23 Reitmans Canada (RET.A) at $15.57
  • Feb.15 IGM Financial (IGM) at $42.52
  • Mar.14 General Electric (GE) at $33.47
  • April 1 Clorox Company (CLX) at $57.10
  • April 2 Toronto Dominion Bank (TD) at $65.00

Each of these companies has a solid history of dividend and earnings growth. Each purchase was made at a point in time when I believed the shares offered good value for a long term hold. These companies are all parts of my dividend growth strategy within my portfolio, which I think of as a 'compounding machine'. If all goes as planned, as the years go by they should all decide to award me with a raise in my dividend payments annually; likely this raise will be by a larger percentage than my employer will grant. I won't even have to lift a finger; they'll just pay me ever increasing amounts to hold stakes in their companies. I can't wait for my next raise! Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), which I also hold, is actually due to ante up with my raise in a few weeks.


dividenddollar said...

I always find it interesting to see what someone else is investing in. Some great names there.

Anonymous said...

what's your opinion on bce? can you do a post about this topic in the near future?

Lazy Ninja said...


RET.A up 14.8%
IGM up 9.6%
GE up 12.2%

No wonder you don't mind posting this stuff, LOL.

Looks like some good work, in a rough market. Keep it up, and (please) keep blogging.

MG said...

anon, I haven't really been following the bce buy out too closely. My general opinion is that the company is being bought and this is public info so why buy it now? There are many other investment opportunities out there where the share and dividend growth is yet to come...

MG said...

I wouldn't ever mind posting my buy prices on stocks, even if I was down considerably. Any short term price improvement is nice, but does not indicate future performance. These companies will show their true value over time and revert back to higher valuations in my opinion. As long as they are bought at reasonable value, a long term investor should prosper due to consistent earnings and dividend growth.

Anonymous said...

bce is trading at 36.00. buyout price is at 42.75. the ROI in 2 months (if the deal goes through) is a whopping 19%. Not to bad in this uncertain environment.

MG said...

anon, wow, I hadn't realize there was such a differential there. Like I say I haven't been following it too closely but it really does seem like the deal will go through....i guess it is a bet like everything else..