Wednesday, May 21, 2008

vacation & mj's money

the moneygardener is on vacation! 200 posts and a full time job have me needing some hard-earned rest! In case you haven't noticed I don't really follow a strict posting schedule. Usually I post about 4 or 5 times per week, in no particular pattern. I don't respect weekdays or weekends, and in fact I often have more time for more thought out posts on weekends. I actually come up with most of my posts minutes before I post them. I have never prepared posts days in advance as I know many bloggers do. I hope readers don't mind this randomness. I have a long list of ideas that I want to write about, but most of the time I end up posting spur of the moment on something that just crossed my mind in the minutes before it's online.

In the meantime, I wanted to point out a blog that I have started frequenting that I find to be extremely insightful and certainly worth following:

Michael James on Money is an "amateur's clear explanations of personal finance and money". This blog provides a very interesting, every day, perspective on common themes within personal finance and investing. The author writes very well, with a style and perspective that are very familiar to me. I feel that many of the themes are similar to thoughts that I often express here on the moneygardener. Always interesting, short, and unique, his posts often draw you in to participate in the tangible content. If you haven't visited Michael James on Money, I would highly recommend reading most posts there, and subscribing via a reader.


Michael James said...

Thanks for the kind words, MG. Enjoy your vacation.

Dividends4Life said...

Enjoy your vacation! I still have a few more weeks to wait. :(

Best Wishes,

Sarlock said...

Time to work on that garden!