Saturday, May 31, 2008

weekend links

I recently added more General Electric (GE) to my portfolio, and once again GE's CEO Jeff Immelt was thinking along similar lines. Jeff added 115,000 shares at around $30.59-$30.66, he now owns 1.5 Million shares of GE. Hey, I actually got a better price than the GE CEO! That is before trading commissions of course.

Think twice about having your entire wealth tied up in your home, Larry MacDonald writes. This is a negative aspect of using all of your excess funds to pay down your mortgage. In my last net worth check up I saw our house value drop to make up under 70% of our total assets.

Will Home Depot ever return to its dividend growth past?, Dividends 4 Life is watching intently.

Looks like The Dividend Guy is on track to accomplish his short term goal for his portfolio. Nice bar graph too!

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