Monday, July 28, 2008

more economic green

Being Green Must Be Economic, Otherwise Motivation Of The Masses Is Lost!

Looks like Toronto Dominion Bank (TD), my largest single stock holding, is doing some business that I'd have to classify as fitting into my 'economic green' theme that I blogged about back in May. The company's Green Wheel™ program rewards those who own or lease a hybrid vehicle by offering a five to ten per cent discount on auto insurance premiums. While most research that I have seen still shows the pay back period when buying a hybrid vehicle to be too long to make economic sense, this insurance initiative is a step in the right direction; not to mention good marketing and PR for TD.

"At TD Insurance, we're listening to consumers who want environmentally-friendly products - and leading with programs that reward green behaviour," says Jean-Francois Tougas, Vice President, TD Insurance. "With TD's Green Wheel discount, saving the environment and saving money can go hand in hand."

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