Saturday, August 30, 2008

dividend income update Sept 1, 08

My Favourite Graph - Sept 1, 2008 Update

Of all the Excel charts and graphs that I keep in managing our personal finances and investments, I must admit I am partial to one. I have explained previously how powerful I believe dividends can be, as well as how I consider them crucial to our investing philosophy long term. Dividend increases mean more money in your pocket, and they have the added benefit of being one of the more permanent aspects of investing. The graph below is immediately affected in this relatively permanent way every time a company that we own raises their annual dividend, as well as every time I add new shares of a dividend paying company to our non-registered portfolio. It is this relative permanence of value that really has me routing for this graph to rise week to week and month to month.

Our annual portfolio income now sits at $2,094. In other words, we are taking in $2,094 in income before taxes per year for simply having our money invested in the stock market. Below is a snapshot of how we've grown this income per year over the last while.

January, 2007 = $311
June, 2007 = $767
January, 2008 = $1,523
June, 2008 = $1,993


simplelifemaker said...

hi, that looks too good.

what are you investing?

Dividend Growth Investor said...


Congrats on exceeding $2K in annual dividend income!

Best Wishes,

Dividend Growth Investor

Traciatim said...

mind me asking, what kind of yield on cost are you pulling out of your investments?

MG (moneygardener) said...

simplelifemaker, Equities, most gains are due to added money (saved money).

traciatim, My yield on cost is currently 4.1%.

Bean said...

Are you using excel spreadsheets to track all this information or is there a specific program / website that you like?

MG (moneygardener) said...

I use Excel only.