Thursday, September 4, 2008

CarInsuranceList review - (andy)

Andy's back, and now he's looking at a handy car insurance website.

All summer, the news on television and on the Internet has been focusing on the cost of gas, and relating it to all aspects of car ownership, including insurance. We are told that less driving means cheaper car insurance rates as well as less money spent on fuel, but that even though smaller cars use less gas, they cost more to insure. With conflicting advice, and gas prices that are now going down in much of the country, where should we turn for information? is an excellent choice.

The primary aim of is, of course, to sell insurance and the site offers fast free insurance quotes users can request from any page, by clicking a large friendly button. The quote engine is elegant in its simplicity. You plug in some basic information about the type of car you wish to insure, as well as your contact information, and you are matched with insurance companies that serve your area, allowing you to contact them for lower rates, or make comparisons between several insurers.

Insurance quotes are only one part of's offerings, however. In addition to the quotes, there is a wealth of information related to auto insurance. News stories, updated roughly weekly, highlight financial and legislative changes within the industry, so if, for example, your county begins to enforce a rule that you have to have your insurance card with you to renew your license plates, that information will be on the site. In addition, there longer articles that are also refreshed fairly frequently, that go into detail on insurance-related issues. Recent topics include the use of scooters and bikes in lieu of full-sized autos, as well as pieces on insurance for performance cars and race track insurance. Clearly, this is a site that embraces all aspects of auto insurance, and not just the mainstream products.

Not everyone needs to know which cars are the most fuel efficient, though, or whether or not Allstate will sell auto policies in Florida, but has their needs covered as well. The static pages of the website provide the basic information every consumer needs to know, like what discounts to ask for, how to save money, and, should they have poor credit or even poorer driving records (or both) how to obtain SR-22 coverage so they can still drive to and from work, even after a DUI conviction.

Let's face it: auto insurance is not the most exciting subject in the world. Nevertheless, it's something every driver needs, and presents the information in as interesting a 'voice' as possible, while still keeping their site user-friendly, and offering free quotes.