Friday, September 12, 2008

friday links and comments

Richer than Your Parents? From the Globe & Mail

Michael James on Money explores the meaningless term Record Earnings

You heard it here first; Reitmans Eyeing Acquisition, on TMWTFS

Comments & Emails
Also, I've implemented a new format for commenting on posts. Let me know if you like this better than the old style. I think it will be more convenient. As always, I appreciate all the comments and emails I receive daily. Keep them coming!


Nurse B, 911 said...

Much better comment format. I switched mine about a month ago and have heard from a number of readers that they like this format better.

Thanks also for the mention!

Michael James said...

Thanks for the link, MG. Have a great weekend!

Four Pillars said...

Ok, can you delete the previous comment?

Now I have it (I think)