Wednesday, October 1, 2008

do not call me

The Canadian National 'Do Not Call' Registry went live in Canada yesterday and I managed to add our home phone and cell phone to the list last night. I have heard that the system has been flooded so its operation has been hit and miss. After you register it will take about one month for the calls to subside.

To add your phone and fax number(s) to this registry and avoid annoying telemarketers go to:
'WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo' who features a helpful post on the topic.


Nurseb911 said...

Thanks for the tip MG, I just signed up all my numbers & my parents.

Traciatim said...

There is also the red dot campaign and the campaign.

The red dot campaign found ofer at is for junk mail.

Then the IOptOut site found over at actually keeps a list of companies and their online access to remove from their marketing lists. This will automatically keep your name on their do not call lists. said...

Thanks for the link MG! I finally managed to log on and the sign up was easy - I even signed up my parents in BC without any problems.