Friday, October 17, 2008

new to the moneygardener?

I'd like to welcome readers of two great Canadian personal finance blogs, Million Dollar Journey and Canadian Capitalist to the moneygardener. I hope you enjoy our blog!

If you like this blog and you use a reader, please feel free to subscribe by clicking the orange RSS reader icon seen down the right sidebar.

Here on the moneygardener I write about personal finance topics including, but not limited to:
budgeting, dividend investing, saving, spending, retail ranting, planning, goal setting, observing people's habits and relationships with personal finance, risk taking, borrowing, analyzing net worth, growing net worth, childcare expenses, bear markets, oil, and of course Costco.

If you are interested in everything surrounding money, and the ongoing task of growing wealth I think you will enjoy my unique perspective.

1 comment:

Antony Pranata said...

I am still a new kid on the block. Just started a new blog,

I have also just become a reader of your blog. :)

Keep the good work.