Sunday, November 2, 2008

portfolio update nov. 08

31 months ago we started a non-registered portfolio by transferring $5,000 from a mutual fund account into an online brokerage with the intention to buy stocks. Over the last 2.5 years we've saved new funds and managed the portfolio for the future by purchasing dividend growing stocks at reasonable value and using the following philosophy:

Investing Philosophy
I'm foremost a buyer, seldom a seller, with a long-term view.
I'll only buy stocks that I would average down on.
I will be patient, disciplined, & stick to my system.
I don't worry or panic, & I always remember my reason for the initial purchase.
Dividends are half the journey.
Consistency, quality, brands, & demographics matter.

Asset Allocation
This portfolio is invested for the long term (at least 7 years) and is allocated 100% in equities. Here is the breakdown. (click on the image below for better viewing). See the side panel for specific stock allocations.

2008 Performance
Return including dividends = -18.5% (some benefit from currency fluctuation)
S&P 500 Index return without dividends = -34.0%

Key Metrics
Portfolio Value = $48,649
Total Number of Stocks = 20
Last Year's Return = +0.2%

Portfolio Yield = 5.3%
Portfolio Yield on Cost = 4.3%
One Year Dividend Growth Rate = 88%
Income From Investments Per Day = $7.01

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1 comment:

Nurseb911 said...

Tomorrow I'm sharing an in depth look into my dividend portfolio, including all current holdings, and its GREAT that you're now at 20 stocks. But do you have a target for how many you want to hold in the portfolio? Once you've secured positions in 20-25 stocks will you put on the hat of a portfolio manager and maintain them within a 3-5% ratio adding to positions when they fall below 3%?

I'd be interested in your answer :) - might provide good content for a future post?