Wednesday, December 24, 2008

happy holidays!..and wine too..

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers for their tremendous support in 2008, and to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I really hope everyone takes the time to enjoy the holidays with family. the moneygardener will trudge into 2009 with good riddance regards to 2008.

And what better way to enjoy the holidays and forget about your paper losses in the stock market, than with some Australian Red Wines.

Here are some of my favourite Aussie brands under $20 and the pertinent details:

Lindemans - Always reliable for a good bottle of red. Their blends are quite good and their Shiraz is nice as well. The inexpensive companion who never takes a write-down.

JJ. McWilliams - Got introduced to this brand through a bottle of their Cab/Merlot blend. Very fruity, drinkable wine.

WolfBlass - Their Yellow Label Cab. Sauvignon is probably my favourite wine under $20. Anything else they produce always goes down nice with Christmas Dinner. Good celebration wine.

Yellow Tail - I often refer to this as the Coca Cola of wine. Their reds never disappoint but I prefer their Shiraz and Merlot to their Cab. Sauv.

Hardy's - Another reliable and very affordable brand. Stamp Series; Start your Australian Red journey here. The money you save can go into dividend paying stocks.

Black Opal - I'm new to this brand but I've decided that it is worth some further investigation after I tried their Cab./Merlot blend.

Honourable mentions to LongFlat and Jacob's Creek.

The Aussies sure know how to make wine. Any further suggestions?

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