Thursday, January 15, 2009

net worth update, january 2009

Results for the 2 Months Ended January 15, 2009:

  • Debt/Asset ratio rose to 0.54 from 0.53
  • Net Worth moved up 1.3%
  • Total Assets increased 2.6% (record high level)
  • Total Liabilities increased 3.8% (highest since Sept. 2006)
  • House Value/Total Assets fell to 68.6% from 70.4% (record low level)
  • Non-Registered Portfolio rose 16.3%
  • Calendar Year to Date Gain/Loss: +0% (first update)

I have to consider this good progress. Assets are at a record high while our debt/asset ratio is still very manageable, as it is at March 2008 levels. What having a debt/asset ratio of 0.54 means is that we have 54 cents of debt for every dollar of assets. Net worth moved up by a small percentage from a very low level. In the next four months we need to pick up our net worth growth or we will have a negative year over year result when I record our fiscal results which wrap up on May 15, 2009; and that would be depressing indeed.

For the two month period the S&P 500 index was down about 3.5%.


Canadian Small Cap said...

Congrats on your progress!

Andrew said...

Increasing net worth is always a bonus. I used to track it constantly but now do a yearly assessment. Less fretting.

My aggressive investments are down 24%, the conservative is down 12%.