Thursday, January 29, 2009

two small victories

the moneygardener, shovel ready.

First Victory
I have lost count of how many times I've tried to move this blog from the blogspot domain to just plain dot com. My fingers are crossed, as now the transition appears to have been a success. I would appreciate it if anyone linked to this blog would change their link to:

The blogspot address seems to be redirecting to the dot com domain fine for now. I also hope my RSS Feed remains in tact for all. If by chance there are any issues with the feed, you can re-subscribe by clicking the feed for posts icon at the top of the right sidebar. I've lost my precious Google page rank of 2/10, as well as any type of search engine recognition in the process. Oh, well I'm sure I'll build it back in spades.

Second Victory 500
the moneygardener has reached an important milestone. For months I've been looking forward to the day when the number of fine people subscribed to this blog reaches 500. Well the day is finally here, hooray! That's one person for every dollar that I had invested back in 2003, when I began my journey to financial freedom!


Nurseb911 said...

Congrats on your achievements MG! Your hard work is appreciated & respected.

nunes said...

congratulations, keep the good work on your blog!

Susan said...

Congratulations! Always look forward to what you've written-it's been a real support and much appreciated.

Dividends4Life said...

Congratulations on both accounts! Having gone (going?) through it, I can certainly feel your pain on the domain migration.

I will update my links to you.

Best Wishes,

Braiden The Traveler said...

Braiden Harvey says " Congrats on the goal"

All The best.

Braiden Harvey

How to Live in Canada said...

Congrats and link has been updated!
Keep up the good work!