Wednesday, March 11, 2009

net worth update, march 2009

I'm releasing net worth results early this bi-monthly period.

Results for the 2 Months Ended March 11, 2009:

  • Debt/Asset ratio rose to 0.56 from 0.54
  • Net Worth moved down 7.0%
  • Total Assets declined 2.5%
  • Total Liabilities increased 1.3% (highest since July 2006)
  • House Value/Total Assets rose to 70.3%
  • Non-Registered Portfolio declined 12.5%
  • Calendar Year to Date Gain/Loss: -7.0%

What a crappy two months it has been. This is our second largest two-month net worth decline ever. Once again the markets were the main culprit as the S&P 500 index was down 18% over the same period. Our net worth is now back at January 2008 levels. Our savings levels have also been weak lately as we are going through a planned period of extra spending. Unless something miraculous occurs we will be down in our fiscal year May 2008 to May 2009 on the next update.

This is all to be expected as we are highly leveraged to the stock markets and they have been terrible. We'll take our lumps and keep looking to the long term. Keep your head up...


Anonymous said...

But the dividends bring some comfort, right?


MG (moneygardener) said...


Frog of Finance said...

I feel your pain, MG!

I'm in pretty much the same boat. As you mentioned in your previous post, my own net worth was down 3.7% in February, for much the same reasons - the amount of money invested in the stock markets.


Janette said...

Up and down. Every first of the month I declare," we are at the same as last month". That we are saving $2000 a month out of salary tells you why we are still at the same net worth.
It will come back. I have faith (and a retirement to get to:>)