Friday, March 6, 2009

still shovel ready

Well it has been one week and I haven't posted a single thing on the moneygardener. I haven't been on vacation, I've been where I always am, working my 9-5 and tending to my young family. My wife and I are finding ourselves very busy lately as we juggle our full time jobs and daycare commuting. I think I may have a little writer's block. Or maybe I am feeling like a deer in the headlights.

I'm still following business and the stock market daily, as depressing of a practice as that is becoming. I have a feeling that after this credit crisis/bear market is over nothing will phaze me as an investor.

I really can't get over how bad things have become in such a short time. This past week alone jobs are being shed all over the place including in my own backyard at US Steel in Hamilton and Chrysler in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Dividends are being slashed and the S&P 500 continues to slide to new lows day after day. The light at the end of the tunnel has not appeared yet.

I still have some more funds that I would like to throw at the stock market but I want to try to avoid the mistake of becoming insolvent before we really see the toilet flush on this whole thing. The best I can do right now is hunker down and continue to watch things play out. I am looking forward to an upcoming vacation in Las Vegas and still keeping a keen eye financially to the long term. the moneygardener is still 'shovel ready'.


Nurseb911 said...

I hear ya MG. I think I'm nearly at the same point now. I'm not going to catch the bottom, I'm down on almost everything I own and maybe I should just sit back, watch and learn. Paying off the LOC with dividends and maybe making a few small purchases, but other than some rebalancing I think I'm done....better weather might brighten our spirits!

Scott said...

> I think I may have a little writer's block. Or maybe I am feeling like a deer in the headlights.

And maybe like me you are just sick and tired of all the doom and gloom! Why there's even a Google ad about "The seven ticking time bombs Washington prays you'll never see..." on this very page.

One thing is for certain, business interests aren't standing around going "Oh woe is me." :( (Well maybe GM is ;)) As always, they continue to seek out ways to profit from any situation. This was abundantly evident at an industry seminar that I attended on Friday. New products containing new technology continue replace existing technologies at a price point that makes one ask; "Is it worth it and if not what are my alternatives as the old standby is no longer available?" Isn't pricing power glorious? Don't lose faith in business; it will always find a way.