Wednesday, April 1, 2009

google finance adds canadian dividends

It has been a long time coming but my favourite stock market tracking website has finally added dividends for TSX traded Canadian firms including income trusts. I have long used Google Finance on a day to day basis for tracking stocks and my portfolio, and browsing company news. Their charts are great and one of the only drawbacks has been that they did not contain dividends for Canadian firms.

I noticed yesterday that Google has now added the small dividend markers with values for Canadian stocks. As an example, check out Bank of Montreal's (BMO) 5-year dividend history on the chart here.


Anonymous said...

On Google finance it lists:
Dividend: -
Yield: -
For Bank of Montreal. I have noticed that alot on Google finance. Its like they don't have the correct numbers. And any other numbers would scare me.
Take a look at marketwatch.
At least there you see:
Yield: 8.07
Dividend: 0.54

Anonymous said...

Incorrect - they don't list the dividends on Cdn. exchanges, but do in the US:

MG (moneygardener) said...

My post was pertaining to the markers on the charts. The fields are still blank, but I don't care because you can get those anywhere.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between:

Is it the same country? On 2 different exchanges?
Why is 1 priced at 34 and the other at 27?
Canadian dollar vs US dollar?

Sampson said...

@ 3rd anonymous - yeah, look at the URL - BMO is listed/traded on both the TSX and the NYSE - the difference is often very close to the exchange, but additional variance from factors too complicate for me to understand also play a role.

@MG - finally! I especially like the JavaScript where you can get dividend yields by mouse-over - saves me a trip to BigCharts.

Now if only they can get out of Beta version and actually have something that doesn't crash all the time. Now I think about it, it crashes almost everytime I use it ;)

zeromoney said...

do you know why these 2 stocks pay such high dividends?

TSE:EN and TSE:ES ??

they're managed by scotia bank, and I just can't wrap my head around how they're paying out 32 and 64 cents respectively when they only cost a couple bucks each..

this isn't spam, I just don't know very much about the market.

Also I was pretty excited to see the dividends as well :)