Tuesday, April 7, 2009

kanye west, bang on about money

One's relationship with money in life can often be complex, emotional, and multi-faceted. Most of us know that we want more money, however most of us do not want to let money rule us or make decisions as if all we care about is money. Many would agree with the statement 'Money Can't Buy Happiness' or 'Money Can't Buy Love' because most people agree that achieving fulfillment in life is not simply about having wealth.

A lot of people grew up poor or lower middle class which influenced their attitudes toward money and allowed them to become frugal as adults. These people tend to attempt to ensure they'll never be broke, rather than striving to be wealthy to achieve happiness. Sometimes the best quotes come from the most unlikely sources. One of the best quotes that I have ever heard that surrounds the human relationship with money came from rapper, Kanye West in the song 'Good Life'.

"Having money's not everything. Not having it is."

At least this is what I think the correct lyrics are. There are conflicting quotes on popular song lyric websites. I like this line better than the alternatives anyway.

What I like about this quote is that it defines the human relationship with money pretty well in few words. When you have money, are comfortable and wealthy, money is certainly not everything and does not feel like the be all and end all. However, if you get into the situation where money is extremely tight or you literally have very little money to survive on, money can often become your sole focus and seem like it is the root of everything bad in your life.


commoncentsmom.com said...

Not having money means so very much and when you are crawling out of the hole of poverty it seems like a forever situation.

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MG (moneygardener) said...

Thanks, I am honoured.


south park just murdered Kanye for being a total ego-freak. I think the quote and your support for it are naive. Money is absolutely everything. money is only not everything in your life when you have enough money to pay for everything that you need and want. It's as simple as that and you are best served to not forget it when making investments on margin.

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MG (moneygardener) said...

I obviously disagree with you BIG.

Anonymous said...

i think your post is spot on'