Friday, August 21, 2009

doubled Husky holding

Today I doubled my position in Canadian oil firm, Husky Energy (HSE), just in time for the hurricane season.

The reasons I added to Husky here are many:
  • The dividend was recently cut, sitting now at a conservative $1.20 per share on 2009 estimated trough earnings per share of $1.80
  • Given the growth in China and emerging economies, I like the outlook for oil post banking crisis
  • Husky has very little debt and a great balance sheet
  • Given the company's ties with China, capital position, smaller size, and aggressive management, a takeover may not be out of the question
  • As mentioned previously, if I'm investing in a commodity that fluctuates wildly, I like to get paid regularly, instead of trading in and out; Husky provides this
  • If earnings snap back even close to 2006-2008 levels, Husky should be quick to prop the dividend back up
  • I also considered an investment in Crescent Point Energy (CPG), however I think Husky offers a better valuation at these levels


Sampson said...

Hey MG, what do you think about the companies pattern of divdend payouts.

They both cut and paid out special dividends in a somewhat random nature - this has always make me think twice about the company - even though I'm one of those in the camp that thinks Husky and its payouts are a subtle way for Lee Ka Shing to bump his income from time to time ;)

MG (moneygardener) said...

Sampson. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by 'random'. The pay outs follow the eps, which ~follows the price of oil.

Potato said...

I actually like that about Husky -- they pay out what they can, but aren't afraid to cut when necessary so they don't bleed themselves dry.

MG (moneygardener) said...

The company is well managed and shareholder friendly.

Anonymous said...

urgh I can't stand holding HSE... it's sooo underperforming PBG, SU and even COS-UN. Why doesn't this POS move? Oil is at an all time high for the year yet HSE can't even go back to where it was back in June.

Scott said...

>Anonymous said:

>urgh I can't stand holding HSE... it's sooo
underperforming PBG, SU and even COS-UN. Why doesn't this POS move?

Would you like me to take it off your hands? ;)

Sampson said...

Random wasn't the right word, I was more thinking about consistent. I've always looked mainly at the dividend achievers/aristocrats, and although HSE has paid almost always paid dividends, I feel a bit more confident in companies that follow borrowing but prescribed increases.

Just curious if the up and down of payouts is something you watch carefully? I suppose they have proven that they will pay as much as they can IF they can.

MG (moneygardener) said...

Exactly. I think it comes with the territory. Oil is their lifeblood, so it is what it is when you have a higher pay out ratio. If I didn't want to experience a dividend cut I'd buy Suncor, Encana, or Imperial Oil.

tagskie said...

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