Saturday, September 12, 2009

net worth update, Sept 09

It's time to report my bimonthly net worth. I report my net worth on the moneygardener or around the 15th of May, July, September, November, January, and March.

Net worth results for the 2 Months Ended September 13, 2009:
  • Debt/Asset ratio dropped to 0.48 from 0.50 (record low)
  • Net Worth gained a huge 9.3% (record high)
  • Total Assets rose 4.2% (record high)
  • Total Liabilities shrunk by 1.0%
  • House Value/Total Assets fell to 63.4% (record low)
  • Non-Registered Portfolio grew 11.4% (record high)
  • Net Worth Calendar Year to Date Gain/Loss: +23%

As I type this update I am extremely pleased with our financial progress, as we look forward to March when our second child arrives. Everything is moving in the right direction and the moves are substantial. Our non-registered portfolio grew by a very strong 11.4% over two months and our net worth is up a staggering 23% since January 15. Our house value is now making up only 63% of our total assets, meaning that we are riding the roller coaster of the equity markets to a greater degree. Running against the wind was difficult over the past year, however the wind has been at our back lately. Home improvements are on the horizon and will eat into our potential savings as we move toward another maternity leave period.


Sampson said...

Great job MG. Congrats on the 2nd child.

Our 'wealth' accumulation seems in lock-step with your own. Just this month we also reached 0.5 Debt/Assets.

Its all downhill for our debt from here ;)

MG (moneygardener) said...

Thanks and that is great to hear Sampson! It is a nice feeling to have more than $1 of assets for every $0.50 of debt.