Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 net worth results

Well, with 2009 becoming a distant memory it's time to look back at how net worth held up here and with our usual suspects.

First off our net worth rose about 33% for 2009 calendar. That sounds much better than it truly is though, as our net worth was actually at a higher level in May of 2008 than it was in March of 2009. A milestone for 2010 would be to see our house value get to the point where it makes up 50% of our total assets. It currently sits at about 62%.

The Maritime Super-Blogger, at Million Dollar Journey posted a 29% increase in net worth over 2009 reaching the $400,000 mark. The 30 year old is 40% of the way to his goal of a $1,000,000 net worth by age 35.

Tim at Canadian Dream increased his net worth by 39% in 2009. During the year he focused on building his market investments. His net worth stands at $304,500.

If any other bloggers have calculated their net worth increase for 2009 please drop me a comment with your results or a link to your blog, and I will post your results with a link in a follow up post to this one.


MDJ said...

Thanks for the mention MG and congrats on your net worth increase for 2009.

Janette said...

We are not at a million yet- maybe in a few years. We are living on hubby's pension and saving our salaries. Civil servant and teacher will retire soon enough. Right now we are both enjoying our work:>) Our household has never cleared over $100,000 US - but we will be fine in retirement (or so all of the calculators say).

Think Dividends said...

Think Dividends 2009 Net Worth Update

- Overall, my portfolio is above August 2008 level
- Dividend income is significantly higher than it was in 2008 (buying bargins during the mayhem and multiple dividend increases in 2009)
- No Dividend cuts in 2009 (sold Manulife before the cut)
- Portfolio is near its all-time high set in 2007

Cheers MG

Frog of Finance said...

My net worth update is up. :o)

Pierre-Olivier Langevin said...

Mine too! ;-)

Financial Cents said...

Hey MG,

We were fortunate enough to grow our net worth in 2009 by over 30%. We're now a little over $400,000 in net worth. In 2010, we're focused on paying down our mortgage while making regular contributions to our DRIPs. Good luck with your financial journey!