Friday, March 26, 2010

doubled Canadian Oil Sands position

Yesterday I doubled my position in Canadian Oil Sands Trust (COS.UN).

To reiterate my reasons for purchase:
  • looking to increase exposure to resources in this portfolio
  • good way to get paid on the fate of oil with large potential capital appreciation in the future
  • distributions (interest income) will become dividends next year and they have large tax pools to offset some tax
  • well positioned company in a politically sound country
  • I believe oil prices will be strong for the next 20 years, China will be a good customer
  • Potential buyers should crop up over the years
  • Will add to position from time to time when it looks attractive for the long term


Dividend Lover said...

The problem with COS.UN is that its not tax efficient to hold it in a non registered portfolio. the distributions are not eligible dividends. if you like it buy it in your RRSP/TSFA

i guess that's only until they convert to a corp.

Anonymous said...

What about Crescent Point? Diversification?
COS cut its dividend so management has demonstrated a culture where this is acceptable. Some companies will do anything to keep their dividend intact.

The oil story will continue to show promise.

MG (moneygardener) said...

COS will be converting to a corp. soon so their pay out will be tax efficient before long. COS dividend policy moves with their earnings and they make that clear. Shareholders are under no illusion of a sustainable dividend; just long term higher oil prices.

I see COS as a long term investment in something that is an unmistakable store of cash flow. Demand for reliable oil supply will only grow in the years to come.