Saturday, May 15, 2010

net worth, may '10

It's time to report my bimonthly net worth. This particular report (May) is what I call my 'fiscal year', as I began tracking net worth in May of 2006.

Net worth results for the 2 Months Ended May 15, 2010:
  • Debt/Asset ratio dropped to 0.46 from 0.44 (a record low)
  • Net Worth rose 3.3% (to a record high)
  • Total Assets rose 0.6% (to a record high)
  • Total Liabilities shrunk by 2.6%
  • House Value/Total Assets fell to 58.9% (a record low)
  • Non-Registered Portfolio grew 4.5% (to a record high)

*note results may not make sense with my last report as I revalued our home to a recently appraised value.

2010 Calendar Year to Date Gain/Loss: +8.8%

2009 Fiscal Year Gain/Loss: +29.1%

So now it has been 4 full years since I started tracking our net worth and we have come a long way. Here are our net worth increases through the years:

2006 = 96.8%

2007 = 39.9%

2008 = 4.8% (the markets crashed but we still managed to eek out a gain)

2009 = 29.1%

This brings us to today where our all of our metrics are sitting at record levels with the exception of our liabilities which are only $3,000 from a record level. The single metric that I probably pay the most attention to is our debt/asset ratio which started out at a whopping 0.77 in 2006 and now sits at 0.44. Our debt is now at a very manageable level when compared to our assets and incomes, which is a good feeling. Going forward we will be putting even greater emphasis on growing assets and less emphasis on reducing debt as we reduce our mortgage payments and continue to invest a good deal of our savings.


ahhbeebee said...


Starting to get tougher to double the net worth annually now hey? That must be a good sign, ;)

DividendLover said...

your constantly setting new records. congrats keep it up.

Anonymous said...

a quick question:

What do you include in asset?
Some stuff is obvious: investments, house, savings, etc

but what about things like cars, furniture, ... do you include some value for those?

Personally, i do not put any value on furniture or cars since I plan to use them until they have only marginal value left.

Just wondering.

MG (moneygardener) said...

I include vehicles but I stop there. Nothing worth less than $5,000 is included.

David Dukes said...

Do you account for every single expense?