Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Who Are the most Profitable Customers?

Who Are the Most Profitable Customers?

If you are looking to grow and sustain your business, it will help you to know who your most profitable customers are. Identifying which customers are worth the most to your business is important, as it allows you to better identify your priorities and subsequently develop strategies to meet those priorities.

One thing to bear in mind is that the most profitable customers aren’t necessarily the obvious ones. For instance, if you have a client that is a major business in their own right, you might be tempted on first glance to assume that they’re a fantastic customer to have. Of course, they may well be a great customer - if only because of the prestige they bring - but it doesn’t mean they’re the most profitable. They might only provide you with occasional work.

This means you need to look a little deeper at your customer data to work out where your profit comes from. CRM software can help you with this. It makes good sense to keep a good CRM system no matter what, as it keeps all your customer information in one place and makes communication with clients much easier than it would otherwise be. CRM systems, though, can also help you to identify trends and things of note in your data.

This includes which customers are the most profitable. For example, you might find that even though one customer bought in a large amount of money when they first started working with you, the revenue has since tailed off. However, a company that was initially a small customer might now provide you with a good, regular income that adds up over time. They all have their worth and their place in your business, but knowing how much customers bring in and how often they use your business helps you with your planning.

For instance, you will be able to tell where it would be more worthwhile for you to target your marketing, or which customers might respond better to special deals. This is all information that you can use to enhance the sustainability of your business and, with any luck, make your profitable customers even more profitable.

Overall, the most profitable customers will vary from business to business; no company or customer is the same. However, having good CRM solutions in place will help you to identify where the best of your revenue comes from and, once you have determined this, you’ll be able to put the information to good use.

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