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Sunday, September 14, 2008

coffee with benefits

Down on your luck? Don't despair. Just when you thought the Canadian economy was in shambles, with economic growth sputtering and job losses making headlines daily, a glitter of hope helps all of us Canadians remember how lucky we are to live in this great country.

If you can't quite make out the photo here, it's actually a Tim Hortons coffee cup. What's so special about this cup is, that printed on the bottom it reads:
"Imagine a job that fits your life"

The massive coffee shop chain is actually using their ubiquitous brown and tan cups to solicit for potential new hires. Most Canadians are very familiar with these cups as Tim Hortons (THI) sells about $6B worth of coffee and donuts each year. That's a lot of double-doubles. These cups are probably the most common piece of litter on Canadian roads, as well as fixtures in vehicle cup holders from Kelowna to Kingston. Not to mention, apparently some of the most valuable advertising space in Canada.

With Alberta's economy zooming along some Tim Hortons outlets in the oil rich province have been forced to close their doors before dinner time due to lack of staff. While the rest of the country may not quite be in the same boat, and not everyone would enjoy working at Tim Hortons, it is nice to know that the coffee chain is so in need of new staff that they're selling their products emblazoned with this help wanted ad.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

late stage capitalism

The official Wikipedia definition of 'Late Stage Capitalism' states that it is a general term that refers to capitalism in the late 20th century, generally with the implication that capitalism is historically limited, and that it will eventually end. While I'm not sure about this, I have my own 'consumer products and behaviour' version of what I feel might be thought of as the symptoms of late stage capitalism. I'll organize these in various categories. I believe that some of these items have just been introduced to the Canadian market lately, which was the straw that broke the camel's back. I need to vent......

Mini-Size Chocolate Bars
What is the deal here.? Have you seen these things at convenience stores lately? Why would I want to pay the equivalent price for half the product? So basically I'm going to pay you a premium to help me eat less of your product; reason being, it's not that good for me?

Bottled Water
I believe this market segment is saving Coke and Pepsi. Well it better be Raspberry Flavoured Dasani....or else. Ever walk down your street the night before garbage day, the blue boxes are overflowing with those little plastic bottles. We're guilty, as we buy bottled water, mainly because it helps us drink more water and is convenient. Last time I checked though it still came out of the tap; and I'm guessing filtration technology, municipal treatment standards, and distribution and harnessing technology are improving every year...

Mini Size Pop
Aren't they cute? See Mini-Size Chocolate Bars.

Diet Books
Dr. Phil is the smartest man alive. Check the best seller list. One of these diet methods must work, I just need to keep reading books until I find one that's right for me. Wait a minute carbs are bad, no fat is bad, no eat what you want.....

Paint Choices
Was that Peanut Brittle in the Satin or Desert Camel in the Semi Gloss with a tinted primer? Wow, I hope those little sample cards are recyclable.

Febreeze Noticeables™
Way to go Procter & Gamble, build an entire market segment around having an artificial scent in my house so strong that I can notice it for a long time. I'm glad there is 8 choices of scent because I need 'Clothesline Breeze™ & Meadow Songs™' to disguise the fact that my Labrador just got back from a good swim.

It would be interesting to hear some other examples from readers.